Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School, Mackay Northern Beaches.

Our school aims to develop the “whole” child – intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. This is done through developing a child-centred atmosphere of genuine care and support and permeates a learning environment that nurtures and values each individual student.

St Brendan’s offers state of the art facilities designed to promote learning and embrace our local environment. Our classrooms have been created to ensure students and teachers have the resources and space they require on their learning journey.

As a school, we welcome and rely on parent participation. This can be offered in a variety of ways both at a class and school level. Your involvement in and contribution to our school activities will help to build a sense of community and can enrich your child’s learning opportunities.

It is our hope that a genuine school-family partnership will benefit your child’s growth and development in these coming years. I trust you will enjoy a long-standing relationship with St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School.

If you have any questions about St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School please feel free to contact our school office.

David Paul ~ Principal